Day 20 of 30: Whoa … that daily post went somewhere interesting

Wow has it really been 20 days? I know there were a few in there that I missed and caught up on, but man this daily stuff sure does get easier over time. It is true what they say!
**If you have never challenged yourself to doing something you love for 30 days straight – consider yourself challenged. Go do it now. And write about it. Tag me in the first one, I’ll follow along and cheer you on! 

Disclaimer …. this post started as one sort of update, but then all of these words came out … it’s a little off track from what I usually write about here, but these are the words that came when I sat down to write. 

So … 20 days. I had BIG plans. I am an over achiever. I knew I wouldn’t get them all done, but the key focal areas have all been tapped into. Yoga everyday (check), write everyday (almost check), create the business path forward for the next two months (check), purge the house (baby steps), and more – yes. more. The goal was to take advantage of this solitary time. My husband has been out of town for some of these 20 days. Errands, family dealings. A trip out west to test some products and set ups. 

You see, our five year plan is to live the mobile life. That’s right. Non-stationary living. I am sure there will be a blog post or two about it and quite likely another site (how does Driftseed Travels sound?) . I’ve been meaning to start documenting the process now. Because just like any other major life change, it needs advance planning and we are doing a lot of it. It could be fun to look back in five years or ten and see where it all started … hmmm. 

How did this plan come to be? 

It was born from my gypsy spirit. And a long deferred goal/plan/dream. 

When I was in high school, in small town USA, I was well aware that I had not experienced much of the world. My small corner was very small. I knew we were sheltered. Part of me liked it that way, part of me wanted to explore the vastness of what the world had to offer. 

My plan after graduation was to hop in my car and just drive. Stop where my little heart desired, maybe work in a restaurant or retail shop for gas money and then mosey on to the next place. Picking up people and life experiences along the way.  But that was 1988 and sane people just did not do such things. (I also wanted to go into the Marines, and be a Chef, and be in music promotion, and be a journalist, and own a bar, and and and …. except for the Marines, I dabbled in all of those over the years and am grateful they didn’t work out). 

instead, I went off to college. Near home. But far enough away that I had to move out. In fact, that was the reason I chose that particular college. I waited too long to apply to colleges and really only had two options. Both local(ish) colleges. I applied to both, was accepted to both. One meant living at home, one meant moving out. 

I moved out. 

But it wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE studying and learning. I am always studying something new or expanding my knowledge in something. (Dorm life, didn’t love that so much). 

I didn’t like being forced to study things just because some academic somewhere put them on a list. But that’s a rant for some other post. The main issue I had with college was that I didn’t have a career path in mind. I could not understand this push to get an education without knowing what the education was going to be used for (I still don’t understand that push). Most of my friends knew what they wanted to do. The ones that didn’t know seemed perfectly happy to just sit around slacking and wasting time all day. I am not good at being lazy. 

What I did know is that I wanted to write and travel and write and read and drink copious amounts of coffee and chat with interesting people. And while you can actually get paid to do this in 2017, you could not in 1988. Not without a fat trust fund or some serious hook ups that I just did not have. And I love to teach things to other people, especially if it brings them efficiency or helps them improve in some way. There were careers back then that would have allowed me to do all of these things, but I wasn’t yet aware of them. 

And still the wanderer in me called out. 

I buried these thoughts of whimsy. Stuffed them down. Did my best to step into the mainstream path. And have always felt like a fish out of water there. 

in 2012, my divorce from my first husband was finalized. That summer I had my first ever celebration of life party (no, not a funeral – a true celebrate life party). A friend of mine from high school came. While we were chatting, she asked me whatever happened to that dream of mine? How did it come to be that I went this route instead of that route. And viola! Just like that, the flame was reignited. As I looked around my home, I saw that this passion in me had never really died down. The flame smoldered just under the skin. I saw images of Airstream Bambies, travel magazines, pictures of far away places. 

Just like that, what had once seemed like a fanciful dream became a goal. My (now) husband had been trying to sort out how to travel while maintaining property somewhere out west – Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming. He liked my plan much better. 

My corporate jobs are virtual. And the businesses I am building are also virtual. There will be no reason for me to be in any one place.

In a few years my son will graduate and go out into his life. He will be busy doing his thing for at least a few years. My local family has dwindled through divorce and death. I keep in touch with one of the two step brothers I grew up with, but we don’t see each other often. I wish it were more, but … life. My other step family has withdrawn since the passing of my mother. I still interact with them on social media, but my son and I are no longer a part of their lives. My own brother is a high functioning Aspie who is perfectly happy to not have me around. (I don’t take this personally, I truly understand the love of being alone. I have that too). He and I are supposed to talk each Sunday but that doesn’t always happen. That leaves my father. Who has always wanted to travel too. I keep encouraging him. His house is too big for just him. I would love it if he sold it and finally lived whatever life he wishes for. We’ll see. Maybe seeing me do it will be the encouragement that gets him out there.

Most of my close friends don’t live near here. And cultivating relationships is difficult for me. I tend to get super engrossed in “my stuff” to the detriment of relationships. It takes special people to have the fortitude to not take this personally and to make me come out of my hermitage into the world. Fortunately, I have a few of those here, but I have many of them out there. I look forward to getting out there and experiencing their corner of the world with them. 

This seems to be a fascination with this kind of simple life. Maybe it’s just because I am interested in it, I see it more often. Blue car theory and all that. There are a lot of people living in tiny homes, RVs, Vans (Yes, living in a van, down by the river is a real thing). We have subscribed to many blogs and have a few friends that live like this. We are surprised to see how many people decide to do this and within a month they are on the road. While I admire the enthusiasm, this is a major life change that will really work much better if there is some planning and preparation involved. Hence the trek out west. Testing theories and gear. Rest stops. Learning where you can and can’t park, for how long, where you can cook. It has been an interesting journey of discovery that often has us asking “Why?” (Or why not). 

I wasn’t able to go, which does limit the learning experience some, after all women have different … challenges. Experience things a different way. I look forward to my chance to explore. But not tonight…. tonight, I need to finally head to bed. Good night all! 

**If you are living the mobile life, I would love to connect with you. 


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