Day 28 and 29 of 30: Dental Issues

I have spent the last three days (Wednesday, Thursday, and today) sitting in doctor chairs being poked and prodded. Unfortunately, this is a common issue with Hashi’s. Even more unfortunately, this is a common issue in my family. Double Whammy.


Two days ago, I went in for my regular six month dental check up and found out I have a filling that had worn out and that I needed a root canal on a tooth that has a crown. 

Wednesday wasn’t too bad. New patient dental exam. Lots of those first timer questions.  Massive amounts of x-rays. Then the exam. Questions on all sides. Answers. And course of treatment plans. I learned something new. It appears that my three crowns are lined with metal. Or appear to be, anyway. And the gum tissue around each of those looks a little irritated to the doc (looked the same as always to me). Possible metal allergy, he says. I will need to contact an allergist to find out. Just one more of those things that used to be the norm, but actually makes people ill. 

Thursday I had the old (mercury laced) filling removed and a new filling put in. I was insistent that they take special measures to keep the mercury from getting in my system. Went well, except I needed two shots to numb my mouth so I couldn’t feel the drill. Hyper sensitivity. Which is very weird for me, usually I get into trouble because I have a really high tolerance for pain. 

Which leads me to today. Root canal. Fortunately I was able to get in quickly. Turns out, one of my teeth with a crown on it was dying, and it was infected. As an added bonus, one of my roots is “L” shaped instead of straight. Because, sure… why not. It’s apparently not easy to extract a curved root. Two more shots in the exact same place as Thursday. My poor jaw is not happy with me right now. 

The Endo I saw today found infection in the tooth. Pretty bad. As he described the kind of pain he was sure I was feeling, I just sat there. Baffled. I had some issues going on, but nothing like what he was describing. In fact, just a week ago I had nothing at all. He was shocked. (now, tonight…. that’s a whole other story – throb, throb throb). 

This is a part of it. The Hashi’s. It has the potential to create oral issues and sensitivity. That’s what an autoimmune does. It wreaks havoc on everything. 

Besides having Hashi’s, I am genetically predisposed to poor teeth. I have always been meticulous about their care, so this was quite a surprise to me. And worrisome. I sit here trying to catch up on the writing and keep my head from spinning off into too many directions or my fingers from consulting “Dr Google.” Nothing good will come from that. I am waiting for it to be time to take my next antibiotic so I can go to bed. I am exhausted. 

If you have Hashi’s, be extra mindful of your teeth. Be sure you see a dentist and do the things they tell you to do. This oral health stuff is no joke. 

One more day of this writing challenge, See you all tomorrow! 






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