The Day Before ….

Here we are again…. the day before the calendar New Year. “Make the Resolution” day. What is your resolution? If you are like millions of other people, it is to get in shape, eat better, drink more water, lose weight yada yada yada….

Me too. But let’s not call it a resolution, m’kay? Those get tossed out the window.

What is a good word for you?

For me, this year’s word is “Completion.” I have too many ‘in progress’ projects, including my health, fitness, and weight loss. This year, I bring them home. Or toss them out the window for good. Every project on my plate is being assessed, and no new ones allowed until these are completed or determined to be not for me.

Health, fitness, weight loss …. these babies are staying. I’ve joined a challenge and grabbed a coach. I have a new job teaching yoga three days a week in a gym where I have 24 hour access to a pretty amazing work out room as well as some great classes. It truly is the year of new excuses. Yoga every day, workout three times a week, walk, food “on program” (meaning Paleo ish starting with an AIP reset). There are also some business goals in there, as well as spiritual development.

What about you? What are your plans? How can I help? We Rise Together.

Drop a comment below. See you in 2018 ❤


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