2018 begins!

I have joined a 30 day challenge from my coach. It’s called Sweet 16 (I don’t know why, maybe he said and I missed it).

Yesterday was enjoy the day, today is read the plan and prep. Prep is fairly easy for me (especially with holiday company leaving today).

So what are my goals? I currently weigh 187.6 and have an ever expanding middle tire. Literally, I am beginning to look like a tire. Even when I lose weight, the tire is there. My waist is currently 45″, biggest it has ever been (except MAYBE when I was pregnant)

And my arms have lost their muscle tone. It is so weird to see old lady chicken skin there where once I had bat wings. I won’t even go there with the backs of my thighs…. thankfully, I have only rare occasions to even glimpse those…

It has to change. Period. No more backslides. Illness can’t be an excuse any longer either. Every time I get started like this something happens – a two week flu bug, an infected tooth, a sudden work trip to someplace without decent restaurants…. all excuses that will not be tolerated anymore.

So…. goals.

Lose 40# – that number is arbitrary. Just a line in the sand to shoot for and track.

Core work, daily. Lose this damn tire. It must go. It’s really a strain on the heart to have this much weight in the mid section. And Hashi’s already strains the heart…..

Yoga daily. Not just for class planning, either. My own practice. Even if that means a sleepy time sequence for the last ten minutes of the day. Something.

Weekly meal plan. We were terrible about this last year. My hubby doesn’t really believe in doing it. He’d prefer to go by what sounds good today. I tried his way last year and it sucks for me. So, back to my way. (We will save a ton of money planning, too).

Paleo. 95/5. I’ve been averaging around 80/20 and that is not optimal for me. I am actually shooting for 100%, but allowing for error, marginal error. In situations I can’t control. Emergency meals out, etc.

Hydration and sleep. I am not getting enough of either. I am not really getting enough fat, either.

I have many critical projects this year. Planning will be crucial to success in all of them. This is the year of rigidity, especially first few months.

word of the year: Completion. It’s time to get this shit done.

Since I do better meeting my goals when I write about them …. that means I am back, here as well. You are welcome to follow along AND chime in about what you are doing to achieve your own goals. Thanks for being here. How can I help YOU?


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