New Beginnings

I am embarrassed. As I write this, I am thinking about who might read this. I am embarrassed to think that my father, certain friends, people in my life might read this. Now or in the future. 
But I write it anyway. 
This morning is day one of another challenge. It’s weigh in day, take the measurements and photos. All the things for the tracking. I step on the scale, hesitant. I have been away from home for a week. I have indulged. Usually when I travel, I am hyper diligent about being meticulous with my diet and movement. Not this trip. This trip, I threw all good judgement to the wind. And not even a good wind….. well maybe that bread pudding at Razzo’s or the stuffed fried avocado at Esparza’s. Two places I went for dinner and good company while on my business trip. And of course I had to take my husband to Lou Malanati’s while we were in Chicago. We had to pass it to get on the highway. And Fayze’s talame buns are little pieces of heaven baked up just for the purpose of holding my organic chicken breast and micro greens. 
So where do we begin today? 201.8. up 13 pounds from this exact time last year. 
Since I am putting it out there, let’s go right ahead and put it ALLLLLL out there: 
That’s my weight, hips, waist, right arm, right thigh, and neck respectively. 
Not quite the biggest I have ever been. I was 203 in September of 2016 after a summer of trying to selling the house and not being able to cook for myself due to showings. I was 212 in May of 2004, but I had a human growing in there. He was 10 pounds, 2 ounces when he came out. He took 38 pounds of water weight with him (well, in the first three weeks) returning me to my pre-baby weight of 165, where I hovered for many years. 
The 36 pounds between there and here have been love pounds. I have been thoroughly enjoying life. Sharing my town and it’s treats with my love. He has been sharing his favorites with me, as well. These are happy pounds, for sure. But it is time for them to go elsewhere. 
Today is Day one of the rest of my life. I choose to live it in the sun, on a walk, enjoying the other pleasures of life. 


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