One month in and I will admit I haven’t done as much as I had hoped to. Life’s little fires still seem to be running my schedule more than I would like to admit. I am chronically juggling too many balls and can’t seem to put any of them down. Next self-improvement project? Possibly.

What I have managed to do is consistently lose two pounds per week.

I posted stats in the last post, but the official weigh in weight turned out to be 202.8. That was on April 30, 2018. .

By May 7, I was down to 201.8, 200.8 on May 15, and this morning I weighed in at 198.8! Four pounds in two weeks is right on track for sustainable weight loss and goal attainment.

Physically, I am not seeing any non-scale victories just yet. That’s okay, I wasn’t expecting any quite yet.

Mentally, however, I totally am. Saturday as I prepared for a kid’s birthday party, I passed the chips and junk food without a second glance. It even took an hour or so before I realized that success. I did have a nibble of the birthday cookie cake and deemed it disgusting. These do not seem like big wins, but for some people they are huge. For me, it’s just me getting back on the horse.

The biggest NSV win – saying no to creamy, delicious mac & cheese. I think M&C is my biggest hurdle, even more than pizza. I have a serious weakness for M&C of all varieties.

Need to step it up a notch. A few more weeks and my morning schedule opens way up. That will help, but I am not waiting.

Daily walks, daily yoga sessions. But most importantly – SLEEP. Yep. Rest and recovery. I set an alarm on my phone and get my butt in bed.

How about the elephant in the room. Food. Let’s talk about it for a minute.

When people talk to me about their “diet” they often tell me that the reason THEY can’t stick to a diet is because their FAMILY won’t eat their diet food.
I function best on a primarily paleo diet. My family won’t give up their bread and cheese… cheese is my favorite, but gives me issues. . so how do I avoid making two separate meals every day?
I don’t.
We eat enough (we love leftovers) that I usually need to double the batch. So I make one batch “their” way and one batch “my” way…. tonight when they asked for enchilada casserole, I said yes! Instead of tortillas and cheese, I experimented with layering sliced sweet potatoes over the homemade sauce. It was delicious. Filling and healthy.
Next time I will add more veggies to mine, and probably some shredded iceberg lettuce on the side for the little blast of coolness.
Prepped once. Cooked once. Have left overs of both styles for tomorrow. Everyone has happy bellies. Pictures on Instagram and in the side feed. Recipes pilfered from other sites and adapted to fit. It can be easy if you let it. 

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