I’m a mom, a student, a teacher, and a Warrior.

Like a Starfish, I’m regenerating myself. (and regenerating this blog, too)

Like a Warrior, I’m battling the myths surrounding nutrition & fitness, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. I’m learning as I go, too.

On this blog, I’ll share recipes, tips, struggles, success stories, and an overall passion for life!

I’m taking my journey public and hoping you’ll come with. Be a Warrior with me. The name is WarriorS, plural. I hope I’m able to share something with you that helps on your own journey of regeneration. It is one of my dreams to motivate others to be the best they can be. To ‘Inspire Possibility’ as they say~

Follow this part of my journey on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JKStarFishWarriors

Find out what else I’m up to by keeping up with me on my primary website MosaicStarfish.com and Facebook page of the same name – Mosaic Starfish.

You can also find me on the socials as Driftseed, Driftseed Yoga, and Mosaic Starfish.

Why Driftseed? A Driftseed is a seed from various plants that drift along in the currents and find land far from home, take root, and produce plants that then drop new driftseeds.

That’s been me for most of my life. And that’s what we do when we have a blog or share information, we plant seeds. Hopefully something I share here will take root for you and help you find your own information.

These days, when everyone’s ‘brand’ is their name or some derivation of their name, people ask why I don’t change “Driftseed” to something recognizable as “me.” But really, to me, that ID is as much me as my name is. It is no longer that mask. It is my intention. To share ideas that take root while spreading.

#Driftseed #DriftseedGetsFit #HashisWarrior #Hashimotos #Hypothyroidism


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